3-D Maze


This design is for a cubical 3-D maze that you roll a small steel ball through. Drop it in the top twist the cube this way and that, and get it to roll out the bottom.

It is made to cut from a 0.093” thick 11” x 14” sheet of acrylic sold at, e.g., Home Depot. Sheet thickness varies a bit from batch to batch, but this design has worked well with all the batches I’ve used.
Here’s the design as a zipped-up SVG: 3-D Maze 4.zip (32.0 KB)


Oh awesome! Thanks for sharing your design…that’s so cool! :grinning:


Very Nice! Thank you.


Very nice, thank you! Let the fun roll!


Thanks for the encouragement.
Give it a try, I think you’ll be surprised how difficult it is to make it through all the twist and turns (and sneaky dead ends). Hint: If turn it and the ball goes farther than you thought it would, it probably went somewhere unhelpful.


That’s a must-make for sure! THANK YOU for sharing your file! Looking forward to the brain itch as we play with the maze.


Or if you want to give someone a real challenge, cut it from opaque acrylic. :smile:


Oh, very cool! Thanks so much for the file! And I didn’t know you could get acrylic of that thickness at a Home Depot.


Great idea - thanks for sharing! The question remains… has anyone solved it yet?


@dehne1 Thank you so much for this design. I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve not had much to for laser project. This weekend I had some time, so I thought this one would be great. Once I purchased the correct material from Home Depot it was. The first material I purchase was Lexan (Polycarbonate) as it was right next to the Plexiglas in the display and I was not paying attention.

Lexan Warning

With the right material and following your directions it came out great.

@dan yes, after building the maze, I was able to solve it, but it’s really challenging. I love it.

What a Great Project for a rainy Saturday!


Hey, that’s great! I’m glad it came out well for you.
And, yes, polycarbonate is not good in a laser cutter; it’s makes a real mess and nasty smoke.