30 DoD Challenge - Day 12 -Poodle Notebook

As discussed here, I’m doing a challenge of designing something new each day for 30 days (30 Days of Design Challenge )

Here is the design I made for day 12. This was a collaboration with my friend Kayla, who’s really into poodles. She took a picture of her parent’s poodle, and traced it to get the outline. I then helped her to add some shading.

We took the curls from the sheep trivet here (Sheep Trivet Redux), and applied them to the poodle at the right places. Then we added some words, and made it a notepad


Very inventive and you ended up with a unique piece! Kayla did a great job on that outline.


Here’s a picture of the model with the book.


Ohhhhh… what a good model!

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