Sheep Trivet Redux



Made the Sheep Trivet. (1/4" birch ply from Lowe’s)

He turned out very well, but the birch ply doesn’t shade as well as the maple does…it all comes across as kind of uniform dark brown color. (At @m_raynsford 's recommendation I added some scores to define the legs and face a little better, and it needed it.)_

Also changed up the legs a bit, hopefully they don’t look like thumbs anymore. Chuckle!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 11th, 2017

I like them :slight_smile:


Thank you kindly!
I think they’d make a cute wall decoration for all the Glowbabies we’ve got on the way (or recently arrived.)


very cute. I like them a lot! The new version looks even better now.


You did a good job on those.


These are so cute! Thanks a lot for adding yet another idea to my ever-growing list of things I have to do when my GF comes in! :smile:


Thank you very much! (Can’t take sole credit for the little one though … I designed it using Martin’s swirls pattern, and he cut it and sent it to me from the UK last year.)

(I guess only the larger one was technically “Made on a Glowforge”…maybe I ought to take that second picture down. I just wanted to show the toes…ROFL!)


@Jules I really love the new version. This would be adorable as a baby mobile. You would have to engrave both sides and add a hole to hang it but I think it would be awesome! :pancake::squee:


Mobile’s a great idea! You could make a larger one and a bunch of little ones out of different woods! :grin:


Adorable! I really like the shading, and appreciate the tip about scoring.


LOL, they didn’t look like thumbs until you said that!!

But seriously, they’re adorable :slight_smile:


That was funny. I never noticed it in the first place…but now I can REALLY see what you meant. The added scoring definition really makes it look great. Thank you, Jules!


Yeah, couple of the guys called them that last year when I first shared the file, and after that, it was all I could see too! :smile:


Couldn’t agree more! I’m planning on doing a few different critters like this with some LED backlighting as fun nightlights.


That is so, so cute!


That was my thought :grinning: But the new ones definitely don’t look like thumbs now.


Love it! But I think you should own the “thumb sheep” thing.


Thumb sheep…sounds like a kid’s game. :smile:


Not “Baaaaaaaaa…d”. Actually pretty darn good!! awesome even :relaxed:


It looks great, I like the new legs too. Did it miss one of the engraves on the left ear? I can see the outline for definition but not the shaded area.