360 Degree Bend Lamp!



After much experimentation and heartache I finally accomplished a round lamp with the ends 1\4 inch apart and thus a perfect place to add a handle that had to be sanded a bit to be a perfect fit.

2018 Nerd-off

Worth the effort! :grinning: :+1:


Excellent job! That’s a cool and unusual lattice pattern, and I like that you made it look like a mug.


Looks great, handle is a cool feature!


Great look! The handle really adds to the portability.


Really beautiful.


Wins the contest for the most original tea light holder! Great design. Clever way to take care of the seam.


So whimsical! I love it!


I have to hand it to you




That’s awesome!What wood did you use?


It is 100% basswood.


This is absolutely wonderful! The wood color goes so well with the soft light, too.


Very nice! It looks really cool with the handle too.


I did another that had a half inch left over so I put two handles together and carved a full round handle.


This is great! I love the design. This is totally something that I could see decorating my house :wink: