3D engrave Am I missing something


Is there a “3D Engrave” option in the menu? I’m not seeing one. I only see menu options for:

Dark Graphic
Light Engrave
Dark Engrave

Is one of these intended to be 3D Engrave or am I missing an option. Have tried with multiple file types


The 3d Engrave is only available with some proofgrade materials. Like draftboard.


Of course, you can do a form of 3D engraving on other materials by using the vary power print.


I think 3d does not work well with plywood. You can copy the setting from hardwood but it doesn’t work well.


Looks like it shows up as an option for acrylics, draftboard and the hardwoods.


And you can fake it on limestone. :wink::wink:


Thanks! I used some PG acrylic and the 3D engrave option showed up.


I understand they can’t guarantee results for anything but Proofgrade but … that is unfortunate. It would be nice to have 3d Engrave with manual settings for max power, etc.


Manual, variable, 0-Full.


When using manual settings, it’s the “Vary power” option for grayscale images.


But is that the same as “3d Engrave?” I thought the 3d setting had some
special sauce.

(Everything I know comes just from reading the forum, I don’t have my unit


As far as I know all Proofgrade settings are simply presets for the manual options. When you have something configured to use a Proofgrade setting you can switch it to manual settings and the fields will be populated with settings corresponding to the previously-selected Proofgrade option.

For example, if I have something set to 3D Engrave on Proofgrade Medium Basswood Hardwood:

And then I switch it from Proofgrade to Manual:

I end up with these manual settings:

Note that if I had any other Proofgrade option selected (Photo, Graphic, etc.) then I’d end up with different manual settings when following these steps.

As far as I can tell there’s no difference between using the Proofgrade settings and the equivalent manual settings.


That makes sense, thanks!


Our design team works to create great presets for all of our Proofgrade materials. Since materials react differently to engraving, some materials have different options available than others. @Jules posted the Proofgrade materials that have 3D engraving available so far.