3d engrave cutting all the way through at points

I think cutting all the way through is what I expected when they posted about it. Otherwise there really isn’t much different than just engraving; there had to be something extra for GF to give the feature a snazzy name. :wink:

I posted in another thread my tests with 3D Engrave on different materials, and I’m actually surprised it doesn’t go all the way with all PG materials.

With Basswood pure black totally went all the way through and it was fantastic; it was very much like milling a piece on a CNC, but without the lengthy mill times. The same image did NOT go all the way through on draftboard or hardwood maple. While basswood is a super-soft wood (think: balsa), I really would have expected all three to go all the way through since they were PG materials and this is what I thought it should do.

If it was reliable to go all the way through across different materials, you could almost calculate specific gray values to depth and make much more accurate depth engraves (like for getting embedded magnets flush).

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