3D engrave on acrylic?



Have any of you pre-releasers who are playing with 3D engraving experimted to see how it looks with acrylic? I have some ideas for items using opaque acrylic, and a 3D engrave on them would really make things pop!


I’ve tried it. Doesn’t really work for me. Gonna need more power and no dithering.

Acrylic vs woods


How did I know you’d have already tried it? :wink:


I thought of this, how do you think it would look side lighted by LEDS? Say like a lighted sign?


pretty awesome! Im wanting to revisit this engrave soon. If I get some more non-coated LEDs ill see how it comes out!


The ghosting effect on those are magnificently haunting.


I think I read a second pass over the engrave will help with the built up acrylic residue, I’ve only done one deep engrave on acrylic, and I didn’t try it. Maybe next time I’ll do a second pass at lower power