3d printable face shields from Prusa

Hey, 3d printer people, this may be how you can get into the fight.

I never really wanted a 3d printer as much as I do now, but the least I can do is boost this signal.


Not surprised when I saw this a couple of days ago. Bought one of Josef Prusa’s MK3S 3D printer kits last week. ALL the non-metal parts are made on the exact same printer and everything is open-source. Amazing guy, amazing company—very solid and precise printer and slicer. :sunglasses:

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I’m part of a group that has been doing this for local medical staff. We laser cut the shields from PETG (ok to laser NOT a chlorinated plastic like PVC) . These are great, especially as it protects their masks as many have to use longer than ideal. It also protects the eyes and face which is a key area to protect.
Here are a couple of photos. The longest part of my cycle is all the focusing and processing for each part. It sure would be nice to have a “production” mode, where it would just remember the settings from the last cut and let you cut a part every time you close the lid and push the button. It’s about a minute to cut (.02 a little under .04 a little over) but all the other stuff adds about 90-120 seconds. When you are doing hundreds this adds up.

We have molds made and will start injection molding the frames, so no 3D printing from that point, we’ll have thousands a day. But the faceshields will still be laser cut (other groups are helping) and we hope to ultimately get a die cutter on board. But the GF has been a champ, and it is great to be able to use it for something so important as protecting the people we all count on in this difficult time!

BTW, after some reading on one of the more recent (and many!) threads, I see some comments about the open tops. We use a modified design that creates a dome on top, very popular with the doctors and nurses. Here is the Corel file with three different tweaks on the outer most holes for different versions we printed of various materials and our injection molded version, and a PDF file of a single version. for the standard Prusa RC2. Always be sure to try a first article before cutting tons of plasticFaceshieldAllVesrions.cdr|attachment (58.0 KB) Version C Holes.pdf (42.2 KB)

Finally a picture of my cardiologist friend wearing one of our shields, with permission.


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