3rd Glowforge down in less than a year and a half

I purchased a Glowforge basic and received it in late April 2021. This machine wasn’t functioning properly right away (only printing on one side) and had to be replaced.
The replacement machine crapped out on me in June 2022, just stopped printing completely. Of course was past the 6 mo warranty but Glowforge sent me a refurbished machine for about $1200.
This machine just crapped out on me yesterday after a month and a half, same issue it seems. Just stopped printing.
Waiting to hear back from support.
I don’t know what is going on but my confidence in this machine and company are pretty much non-existent.

sorry to hear that.
I got my pro version on August 13 2020 and made over 20k prints, 6 month ago replaced lid cable only

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It seems that their quality and tech support was pretty good up until sometime in early 2022. I am basing this entirely on posts and comments here on the forums. I bought my machine in late 2021 and it works great. I have only had to replace 1 broken carriage pully, which was about $6.00 and 10 minutes to replace.
But I have already decided that I will NOT replace it with another Glowforge, new or refurbished, when mine finally croaks. (Not IF, but WHEN. But this is true with any type of equipment).

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yes, I’m going to be looking for a professional machine. I need something reliable.

I am fixing to order this one, along with a chiller and an air assist upgrade.

80W CO2 Laser Engraver - Pay as Low as $104/mo. - OMTech – OMTech Laser

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For American company I’m surprised that prices are so cheap, wow.
I was looking at the Boss Laser company for a 36x56 cutting area machines and they cost around $17000. Epilog which are the best on a market for this size usually run 36-40k

I’ll look into that machine/company for sure. After dealing with so many issues with the glowforge I realize how important it is to have a good warranty and proper support, so that comes with a price tag. When I was shopping for a machine this was my biggest concern with the glowforge, and my worst fears have come true. All of the assurances by the salesperson were false.
I’m in Canada and these issues have not been ideal. Still currently waiting on the replacement machine to arrive.
I’ve been looking at the trotec R400 (about $11, 000 USD here in Canada), 2 year warranty.

I really hope this replacement glowforge is a good machine, I’m really tired of dealing with issues. It’s frustrating not to mention costing me a lot of money in downtime.

Pretty sure it’s a Chinese company selling Chinese manufactured lasers with an American retail presence. Support for U.S. purchases is supposedly U.S. based. Not saying anything about the quality or support level just that it is a Chinese company.

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The MacBook Pro I’ve been using daily since 2013 was manufactured in China.

OM Tech has an office near me. The fact machines are assembled in China means nothing.


Glowforge is made with parts from around the globe. Most laser tubes themselves are manufactured in China. Many things we use every day are either built in China or use parts from China.
Yes, I wish there were more things made and manufactured from parts made right here in the USA, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, especially with electronics.
Sad, but true.

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And don’t get me wrong. I love my Glowforge and it has performed as promised. It is still working a year and a half later.
I am just ready for an upgrade.
I just purchased the OMTech AF2028-80, and it was shipped yesterday.
I am not sure what I am going to do with my Glowforge Plus. It will be going into storage (fully packed in its original Glowforge box, of course). I simply don’t have enough room in my tiny workshop for both.

Don’t expect it to function when you pull it out of storage. The tube has a shelf life whether used or not.

My experience with the OMTech owner community is that I don’t want to be anywhere near that, and it’s absolutely toxic to be connected to as a business. The absolute dregs of the home laser community, the people that run the “Glowforge Gripe Zone”, the people that Glowforge Inc has needed lawyers to handle, the people that straight up trace others’ designs and repost them on Etsy for half the price… they’re all OMTech’s top affiliates and promoters on social media.


Good to know, although I don’t intend to buy another laser when my GF finally dies. What I have read indicates a very immature market unless you spend tens of thousands on commercial products. GF did something great at the beginning.

Ok. sure. Whatever.
I happen to disagree, but hey, it’s my money, right?

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I own GF pro for 2 years and 1 month, cut about 20000 products where is each on average 4 minutes. The quality is amazing. The only what Idon’t like that you have to ship machine back for a laser tube exchange.

Filters are made in UK. I wish they made them in Chine for cheaper prices.

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So I got the replacement glowforge today.
Doesn’t work.

You can’t make this up. At first it couldn’t find the head, I went through the troubleshooting steps and finally it found it, although I don’t know what I did any differently.

But again, it won’t mark material. The head goes through the motions but nothing, and this time I don’t even think it is fully powering up.

Absolutely ridiculous. I’m so tired of this nonsense.

Sorry to hear.

I taught private design “classes” for several people, but strongly urged them to look elsewhere for a laser. The quality has been steadily declining. Those of us with early machines have enjoyed many years of flawless operation, but that no longer appears to be the case.


Chances are it worked when it left the factory, but after moving through multiple warehouses and sorting centers, being rolled end over end onto and off of trucks, and driven hundreds of miles, it doesn’t work anymore when it reaches you. That’s the cost of residential carrier delivery instead of freight delivery – a cost Glowforge believes is outweighed by the benefits. It sucks when it delays you getting a working machine, but they’re willing to spend another $600+ of their money paying to have that one shipped back to them and them to ship another out to you as many times as necessary.

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I think I bought mine just in time, before the quality went to the dogs… July of 2021. Mine has been working well.