.5" Cutting Board

I placed the .5" cutting board on a 1.38" riser. The measurement from the bottom of the gf (with tray removed) to the top of the board is EXACTLY 2". This should put me right in the cutting zone. However, when the gf scans and the arm moves forward, it hits the board and moves it. Other than creating a smaller riser, is there something I can do? Is there a problem with something that I am not seeing?

It’s just a little too high. Find something a little thinner to place under it and everything should work.


Not sure why you would ever need a 1.38” riser, that’s the tray height. You could just use the tray.

You need something between about 0.9 and 1.2 And you’ll be good to go.


Try this to determine whether it is in fact within the right range:


triangle risers I 3D printed some one inch blocks to give me risers for the cutting boards. Usually works. have some 1/2" block too for thicker ones.

Also can make a small tabbed box and inch square and that would do. Also pyramids.

Try these. Use medium walnut or cherry or whatever Proofgrade Plywood. Depending on conditions, you might have exactly 1" risers, or only a few thou higher or lower. Since you would be using the set focus too, it doesn’t matter.