50 Year Calendar - 2020-2070

Happy Free Design Friday the 13th!

According to my sister I’ve always been fascinated by calendars. When I was about 7 I saw one of these disk keychain calendars and I was fascinated by it. Didn’t have enough pocket money to buy it and apparently my mother didn’t think my fascination would last, so I didn’t get one as a present either. Well, many, many years, later, I still want one! So I bought a $4 one on Amazon, in order to see how they work. From that it took me months(!) of figuring it out, often putting it aside because it hurt my brain, but I couldn’t let it go. The one I bought started in 2010, so I even got rid of the first 10 years and added the '60-'70s. Not that I’ll be around to check it out by then. I’ve even improved upon the way the leap years are shown - prompted by my husband, who says I’m nothing but persistent. I had about 24 layers going in Inkscape, some nested, some support ones, etc. The pivot was relatively easy to figure out, but that too was a milestone for me. The complex file was too big to upload in the GFUI so every time I printed a draft, I’d copy the file as calendar ‘front’ or something, delete the layers I didn’t need and then it would run.

After all that work, I’d rather have more people than just me enjoy it so this may be a good present for those who:

  • want to know when the next Friday the 13th is
  • are also fascinated by time pieces
  • already have everything
  • need to figure out what day a date falls in the future
  • you have or know of a kid just like I was

50 Year Calendar - 2010-2070
for personal use only - as per Glowforge forum rules
svg, zip and pdf:

calendar50 final
calendar50 final.svg.zip (286.2 KB)
calendar50 final.pdf (497.8 KB)


  • Use proofgrade medium basswood ply for the circles; thick basswood ply for the post in the middle.
  • Set red to cut; green to score; black to engrave. You’ll need to toggle a few steps to the correct settings.
  • For the bottom layer front and back; set the blue step to ignore; set the central pivot (purple) to engrave with 2 passes and run job; then carefully flip over without moving the sheet or the design; set blue to engrave and all the other steps to ignore, print.
  • To assemble: lightly tap the post in the bottom. Slide the top over it and put a small dab of glue on the post. Glue the gear on top.
  • It takes about an hour to run. Considerably less if you don’t print the gears on back.

Let me know if you make one - my inner 7 year old would be happy!


Thank you, I am going to make this as soon as I get time, way cool!

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Thanks, look forward to your result! It was a lot of fun to design (in between the headaches).

This makes my inner 7-year old happy. Thank you! What a fun share for the community!

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My inner 7 year old salutes yours! :crazy_face:

Love this! What is the finished size? I opened it in illustrator and it’s about 3.5" by 3.9" any chance I can get a pdf version?

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Of course you can! You’re right - I meant to do this… the disc is 4" diameter. I’ve added the pdf to my original post.


Awesome sauce! :sunglasses: :smile:


Whee! Looking forward to it…but tonight I’m busy, Friday the 13th is my un-anniversary (the “real” one being in May, but we celebrate all the Friday the 13ths :slight_smile: ) so dinner tonight…maybe this weekend :stuck_out_tongue:



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This is such an interesting story and project. Thanks for the files. I think I am sort of glad your mom didn’t buy you one of these because in the long run, I get the chance to make one. Life is full of surprises.


Congrats with the un-anniversary! They’re the most fun… We have one coming up on the 17th…


Too funny - you’re absolutely right. It’s those unfulfilled wishes that stick with you and want fulfillment one way or another even if it takes like decades…


Woweee! That is a true labor of love, and you are so generous to share it with us!


I’d call it a labor of the brain rather… :crazy_face:

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That’s really great. And thank you for sharing!

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A real time turner :slight_smile:

Thank you again


My inner 7 year old is also kind of a steampunk junkie…this is so awesome! :steam_locomotive:


Wow, this is pretty awesome! On Tuesday when I get my replacement laser broken part, and after I get the queue of Christmas gifts completed, this will be the next project! Thank you so much for posting this amazing calendar!

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Thank you for sharing this.