6” in wall vent issue

I have a direct 6 inch vent going through the wall into the soffit of the house. We’ve had some really strong storms this week and this morning when I went to the glowforge it’s really damp on the inside. My thought is rain got pushed through, with the bad wind and everything we had. The soffit adapter does have the pieces that close when the glowforge is not on, but is there some other thing I could do so that this is not directly open to my machine unless I’m using it? I’m hoping there is some type of contraption like you have on a pool line that you push to close and pull to open for flow. Thankfully everything‘s not super wet, it did start up with a amber light but went away after it did it systems checks.

Yes, disconnect the vent/duct when not in-use, or put in a blast gate.



Thanks just ordered this!


You can also print your own blast gate that goes on the back of the Glowforge if you have two sheets of plastic available. I printed one a few years ago, and it works great, completely airtight.


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