A couple of engraves and a simple inlay

Why hello, we are coin and medallion.

Maple hardwood, Redheart hardwood

A buddy of mine purchased some art and asked me to engrave it for him so here we are. I took it a step further and inlaid the sun in one piece. These aren’t super innovative or noteworthy but I do like them so thought I’d share.


  • All wood was non-pg hardwood, 1/8” thick
  • Everything was masked
  • The engraves are all vector
  • The inlay is a kerf-adjusted cut type, the redheart inlay was flipped horizontally and the pieces mated face-to-face
  • The medallion was sanded to 1500 grit and finished with feed-n-wax
  • Both pieces are 2.45” tall.

The medallion on left was about as simple an inlay project as you can do, but still really satisfying. A side effect of inlaying in an engraved area is that some of the edge of the redheart is visible, which came off the laser glossy and black. The overall effect is that it appears to have a gap but is actually very snug. I don’t mind it but I’ll keep that in mind with future projects.

Maple hardwood, Redheart hardwood

The coin is a double-sided engrave, I used the engrave-square cut-flip-engrave-circle cut technique to preserve alignment and orientation.

Maple hardwood

If I were to do it again: I’d do it larger and more slowly, to try to get more contrast out of the engrave. I think it’d look a bit better slightly darker on the moon engrave. Come to think of it, that would be a great candidate for two tone glow in the dark acrylic, as well.

A couple of extra pics, unedited and not annotated.


Just love how the moon came out with the engrave. Beautiful.


These are all really nice. Nothing wrong with a small project once in a while!


Love that inlay.
Great makes.


Those do look good.


Simply brilliant. This would really help with flipping non-round shapes.

Coins looks great! Is Feed-n-Wax your go-to stuff rather than Danish Oil, Tung Oil or Poly?


I go back and forth between feed n wax and danish oil. Feed adds a bit more yellow to things, but is easier to clean up.


Love the inlay … And love the moon!

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