A good use for Scrap


Brain cells aren’t what they used to be, so I don’t recall who posted the idea here back when, but lace the ribbon on your gift through these…


Cool idea,


Yes indeed, there are SO many uses for scrap that if you are throwing pieces bigger than an inch or so away you are messing up. I am keeping bins for sizes of scrap. There are sheets that have been cut into, medium pieces, and smallish pieces.


Half sheets, pieces of sheets, bits and pieces - all the way down to the carcass pile.


Looks familiar! :wink:


There’s got to be something I can do with a couple of thousand small four pointed diamonds…


I’d love to find a use for the “pills” left from cutting holes.


Very cool ribbon buckles! No need for a separate tag. :grinning:


If you give deserts or such these would work GREAT as rounds with 4 slots. You could even add a bobble at the top with a hole so it becomes an ornament!


If you can align it properly you can make small hearts and flowers or punisher skulls


Take out the nasal and optical cavities and the outline would make a great ice cream cone.


When I make slider cards … I use a purchased tiny circle or oval to put between two pieces of card stock. (I have used a penny). You will have to start making slider cards to use your “pills”. :slight_smile:


Slider cards?


Boobies…Ha! Or I’m thinking cradles … golf ball collection?


The left side shows a slider on the front of a card.


I love slider cards…PARTICKULARLY ones with adorable little hedgies on them! :grinning::+1::hedgie::hedgie::hedgie::hedgie:

Great idea!


Those are great! :sunglasses:




My little boy LOVES pop-up and slider books.

Unfortunately as a 1 year old that generally meant ‘rip them apart and chew the bits’ type of love.
Now he is 2yo and regretting it as the tattered remains of those books are his absolute favorites.

I :heart: the idea of making them for him personally… if he destroys them then NP, make another!

Fantastic idea and great builds, thank you


what? no squeee?