A Pencil - Pfft


So @Jules, tag - you’re it…

Need to work on the engraving power, because custom bamboo skewers at a BBQ says awesome!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

The beauty of competition.

County fair folk that write your name on a grain of rice just felt a cold shiver as their livelihood has been challenged.


Now you need to come up with a way to use the GF to sharpen the point of sticks to make your own skewers…

Just kidding! That is awesome. GF has some awesome detail.

@jules you going to take that?


Hell no…but I’m trying to get that into the Highlights! :smile:

GAME ON! :sunglasses:


Of all of the things I expected to see from you… yeah… skewers didn’t even make the list. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Looks like pencil burns a heck of a lot cleaner.


How about my other post? Is that more like me?



I hadn’t gotten to that one yet. I’m still behind 34 New and 33 Unread… TOO MUCH ACTIVITY LATELY!


Omigod…what’s next…toothpick? :grinning:


Your turn @Xabbess. I just reposted the lentils.


bahahaha! I was thinking thin pasta?! But it might cook it…


ROTFL!! :laughing:


Pasta will light up pretty easily, so I skipped pasta. :astonished:
(Can be used to start fires if you don’t have a match handy.)


Pasta = No Bueno



Make a Lincoln log house with slotted match sticks (with flammable head removed).


Haha, you can make skewers for kabobs so that when somebody removes the stick it has a hidden message.


Don’t try this at home! If a shallow etching on a paper masked metal plate were filled with a miniscule amount of thermite, would ignition by a laser following that engraving allow one to cut through the metal?


Only rarely used thermite, but ISTR that by volume you need a fair amount.


@henryhbk 's going to get a microbe from work, try and tattoo it and create a micro strain to start the zombie apocalypse… when will it end??? (Tonight on the news… the Glowforge™ virus popped up today on the west coast…" :scream:


Um…err…can’t do this, getting ready for trip. I’m passing the buck to Dwardio or Nuzioc! But, gees…thanks for the vote of confidence! Believe this or not, I haven’t even powered the Glowforge on for two days, otherwise, she calls to me and I get nothing done. Our flight will wait for no one or no machine.