Biblical Question - Will It Forge


So talmudic scholars have debated long into the night, whether the israelites fleeing egypt didn’t let their bread rise as they didn’t have enough time, or they realized leavened bread wouldn’t fit under the head of their GlowForges…

Well here we go:

A Pencil - Pfft
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

And yes, I have noted the double cut line in the GF logo…


Hah, you posted that as I saw it and was about to inquire :slight_smile:

Proofgrade Matza… would it have ricepaper for the masking?


I say just use gasoline and a match next time… Till next year!

Thought custom Passover matzo, there is a ultra niech market .



Not 100% sure it’s still kosher after being lazed. Have to look into that… :wink:


My forge has never had any leavening in it before…


But sadly, one day it will leave…


Not so much, some sects of Christians use these for communion.


@dan will the manual include a section on how to kosher your Glowforge? Otherwise, how will people buying a used unit be able to know that it’s safe to forge some Matzo for Passover?


I’m still hoping to see some papyrus engraved with the word “papyrus,” in the Papyrus font. Papyrus cubed, as it were.


Coming up… (no seriously)


How about in a Papyrus store? Hypercubed?


Absolutely! :smile:


But they’re using the wrong font for their sign.


Listen before you hit the acrylics…grab a pack of leftover Easter Peeps at the grocery store and be sure to film it when you nuke one.

Dying of curiosity. :smile:


You must have cleaned your crumb tray? Looks brand new.


We used to nuke them every Easter. We’d put a handful of chocolate chips on a plate, sit the peep on top and then microwave for a minute or so. They expand and expand and expand…the chocolate melts…

The kids called them Peeps on Poops.

They were quite tasty - the expansion fluffed them up and they were good for wiping up hot melted chocolate.


I actually want to make some of those now! :smile:


They might have the wrong font but they are right.


My talmudic question would be:
Does the time under the laser count towards the 18 minutes that the matzah has to be baked to be kosher?? :thinking: