A stress test for my new Glowforge


Received my Glowforge Pro yesterday. The week preceding its arrival, I was working on a design I wanted to try. This has a massive amount of detail and I wanted to see if it was even possible to make it at a scale of 3" square.

On my CNC machine, I’d have to size it at 24" x 24" in order to preserve the detail.

All told, I’m happy. The detail in the flames collapsed, but I can clearly see the symbols for Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mars. To have anything recognizable is impressive.

Can’t wait to see where this leads next!


If you drop the power, I’ll bet some of your detail comes back.

People have had good luck with tinting light engraves on different prefinished surfaces, But this looks like draft board? Was it masked?

Try lightly sanding the piece with really fine grit paper (600+?), more detail might also be revealed.


Very aggressive project for early attempt.


Oh hey you might find some of this of interest:



Lower power, maybe more passes, and I bet you can do even better! I am always delighted by the tiny details we can produce.


Looks great! :grinning:


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give that a try.


Thanks! I’ll take a look.


Second effort this morning. Now 6" square. Instead of Proofgrade Draftboard, it’s locally sourced 1/8" Baltic Birch I wish I could say it was fully weeded when I took the picture, but not. Weeding is a challenge.


Taking a photo is always the easiest way to find the areas you’ve missed. For some reason the masking is always a lot more noticeable in photographs than in real life. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your trials! Can’t wait to see what other ideas you try out in the future.


Thanks, @dan! Still have my training wheels on, but slowly coming up to speed. Notice a particular theme, so far?


Uhhhhhm …kitties? :wink:


Not a bad guess. There are a lot of cats at the barn where my horse is stabled.