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Hello friends,
I’m still new with the GF and I’ve been doing a job and I don’t understand why it has not cut me all the drawing.
The task was ajusted to size Mdium Drafboard table and yet, the right part has not been cut. Can you explain me Why? Thans, greetings from spain![image|669x499](upload://lLE6Ttl3zY2hb87eU9TkmxBKDcw.jpeg

You might not have waited for the Preview to fully load before pressing the big Print button.

Buenas tardes. The Glowforge can’t cut the entire sheet.

From Glowforge Support:

You can turn the sheet around to cut the other pieces.

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Also, if any of the pieces are not colored in the interface, they are probably not going to be cut.

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When you lay out your design in the Glowforge app, you will see gray striped zones at the edges. If any part of your design crosses into those “no cut” zones, they will not be cut.

When an item can be cut, the lines for it will turn red. (The ones that cross into the gray edge zones will stay gray, meaning that they will not be cut.)

The current space on the Glowforge bed that the head can reach for cutting is 19.45 inches (494 mm) wide and 10.95" (278 mm) tall. So when you plan a layout for a sheet, make the parts fit inside of those dimensions. There will be an uncut edge on both the left and right side of a sheet of material.

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Ok, thanks. I’ll be sure that all is charge before press the bottom.

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I can’t tell from the design whether that is a cut/score only or if it includes engraves. If engraves it is way too big. If cut, then it’s close.


You’re right, the red might be engraves. That’s what’s limiting it there.

@didarthandmade … You can try breaking off the scrap bits around the area that has already been cut from that sheet and then center the remaining large portion under the lid camera. It should let you cut and engrave it there.

Thank you very much for your attention. I’m sure that the bed dimension area is 500 x 300 cm but i’ m gona try all that you tell me. The draw is cut and engrave, so I’m going to do it againd and see whats the real problem.

The bed dimensions might be that large but the usable cutting area is reduced by differing amounts for cut and engrave. All of the design must be shown in red before selecting print.


Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Like others have mentioned, any artwork that is outside the printable area will be ignored and removed from your print. You can tell if the artwork is outside the bounds if it turns gray.

Please double check to make sure your print fits within the printable area and let me know if that solves it!

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email support@glowforge.com.