Access to Forum


Can non-owners read the forum topics ?
Not post to, obviously, but just read ?
I ask, because I can’t remember setting a password or anything, and wonder what happens when I pop up on another pc from a different country.


Yes, you will be able to read forum posts from any PC without logging in.


Thanks John. Wanted to be able to point friends here and there to what I’ve been raving on about :smiley:


No problem. Have a safe trip!

Of course, for your use, you could follow the directions @Jules shared in another post to reset your password so you can continue to contribute to the forums.


Friend of mine has been reading since I told him that I placed my pre-order.

Every once in a while, I will send him a link to postings.


I read the forum for 6 months before encouraging me to buy my glowforge :slight_smile: And the way Dan and the others participate here, gave me assurance that it was an excellent choice.:wink:


Don’t forget to include your referral link :wink: