Acrylic pieces not available?

I was hoping to purchase some fluorescent acrylic pieces but everything lists as being unavailable. Will acrylic pieces be available for purchase soon?


Stuff on the Glowforge store goes in and out of stock pretty regularly. I don’t think they give predictions on when it will be back. One nice thing about acrylic is that cast acrylic is pretty much cast acrylic, so in my experience I haven’t had any issues buying it elsewhere. There are plenty of forum threads about where to get materials. My go-to when the Glowforge store doesn’t have what I want is Canal Plastics, mostly because I’m in the NYC area and it’s quick. In the before-time, I could even go there.


Thanks Chris, I came across Canal Plastics also yesterday and like you, we are fairly close - about 2.5 hours from South Jersey. I have been pretty monogamous about buying my acrylic from Glowforge and had to look closely at Canal Plastics to make sure their acrylic had paper covering which it seems they do. I’ve been having a lot of fun with fluorescent acrylic and that seemed to go earlier on Glowforge so others must behaving fun with it too. Thanks again and stay safe up there.

Thanks for the reply and update, I’ll certainly keep an eye on your available acrylic stock, especially the fluorescent acrylic. My first thought was that maybe your supply chain ran through China and we had some import barriers in place.


I think you’ll find that your cast fluorescent acrylic will be nearly identical no matter where you buy it (with slight variations on thickness). There’s a very good chance it was all manufactured in the same place. :slight_smile:

With the pandemic, acrylic is in short supply everywhere since it’s being used to make all sorts of barriers and other protective items (and some places have put emphasis on just manufacturing clear acrylic to meet the demand).

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I see that someone else linked Dan’s post about our issues keeping Proofgrade in stock due to COVID-19 (thank you!).

We’re finding this equally frustrating. We can’t wait to have more materials to print on, both for ourselves and our customers! I’m afraid I don’t have anything new to announce when that will be, however.

If there’s a Joann near you, they may have the Proofgrade acrylic you want in stock, and many locations are offering curbside pick-up.

In addition, your Glowforge can print on many materials, as long as the supplier can confirm for you that it is laser-compatible. We’ve heard of customers purchasing acrylic at Inventables, Johnson Plastics, TAP Plastics, Lowes, and Home Depot. Please confirm with the supplier you choose, though, as we can’t give authoritative advice for other companies’ products.

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