Add me to the "UPS lost my Glowforge" list

My two packages showed as arriving at the UPS Depot yesterday, with pick up day presumably being today.

Package #1 (the tray/hose box) got me an “it’s ready to pick up” notice this morning.

I waited all day, refreshing my browser, for package #2 to be ready. Finally about 45 minutes before the depot closed, I drove down there to pick up the package that was ready and ask about the other one.

The CSR there said they haven’t had a scan on the GF box since two days ago at Laurel, MD. Even though their web site says the package went from Laurel to Springfield yesterday, that was “predictive tracking,” and they have no idea where it is, since it hasn’t been scanned for two days (and the last time was about 20 miles from the Springfield depot).

So he told me to contact the shipper to track from the other end and start a UPS investigation.

I need a hair pulling out emoticon.

“predictive” tracking? wtf? so they “guess” where packages are, even if nobody scans them at a location?

So… glowforge folks, what’s next?


I hope you get a notice tomorrow morning like I did with mine. The Glowforge being checked in the day after I picked up the grate and hose. Good Luck

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That explains some weird UPS tracking I’ve seen lately. Some of my recent ones have gone as far as being “out for delivery” a day or two before I actually get them. I suppose they were on “predictive” delivery.

To be fair I also had a FedEx package get delayed by a day last week, but I think their tracking is a lot more honest about what’s really happening.

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yeah, i kinda get why they might want to do that, but when it fails, it’s a spectacular fail. i’d way rather have it show up a little early unexpectedly than expect it to show up and they have no idea where it is.


I have my fingers crossed for you.

Supposedly my unit is at the depot since yesterday, but no “It is ready for pickup”. The crumb tray had an exception when it shipped, and I just got a “A late arriving trailer” notice telling me they are delaying delivery. They were supposed to be ready today for pickup. On top of that I had another package (Just a tee shirt) that was supposed to be delivered yesterday, delayed till today, and handed off to the post office at 4pm… like… that isn’t getting to me today either.

I understand it is the holiday season, but come on UPS… get your act together!


yay! it looks like they found it. let’s hope all is well when i get there later this morning.


Fingers crossed for you!

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Awesome! Good luck! :grinning:

That sucks!!!

Woot woot! I just don’t think that they should be having these issues.

all four handles there, box in good shape, setup run through successfully. now time to start lasering all the things.



My Pro unit arrived in Laurel, MD this morning. Tracking said that I would not be able to pick it up until Monday. I called and spoke to an agent and there is no way to get it until it is sorted and scanned, which is when I will get a message that it is available. I live about 5 min away. So close, but so far away…


Time for a covert op to exfiltrate your GF?


UPS is apparently getting into the game of re-inventing definitions for common shipping phrases. They have chosen to redefine “Out for delivery”.


ugh. are you actually picking up from Laurel or does it need to go to another hub first?

and yeah, monday thru friday, 10-8:30 at the Springfield hub. waiting thru the weekend would suck.

Oh, man! Sorry to hear that!

I have had several things, NON GLOWFORGE, out for delivery to only get it the next day.

I have had a bunch of stuff coming to me this week via UPS, and shown as OUT FOR DELIVERY on their website, and have received every item 2 days later, including my PG materials.

everything else i’ve gotten from UPS delivered to my house has been as expected. including the cork that just landed on my doorstep. only the maing GF box that was held at the depot was late.