Add some color to your life

So let me start off with a few links to the original projects:
Tile Project: My tile trick ramping up the testing of what it can do
Superman Project (embedded here): Latest explosion of projects

Ok back to adding color to your life (or in this case Projects). Color pencils are my new favorite thing. Sharpies turn out ok too just more like an oil painting.

Lets start with the tiles:
Here is the original image that I used to engrave so you can compare the color pencil coloring:

Heres the end result, if you want to see starting point and how to get to this see link above and follow the trail backwards:

On to the sharpie coloring for tiles:
Heres the original image:

Here is after sharpie, looks more like an oil painting to me but still cool:

Now on to my favorite part, The superman comic cover, all colored pencils:

I realize some of you may have seen this on my page: and have posted these quite awhile ago but for those with out facebook I wanted to share with too. Just hard to keep up with it all.


Also here’s links to videos of the prints of original items:
Tile Print:
Superman Print:

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Was good to see Superman again … As this is so great!

Thank you, I actually just created a brand new one with masking (per request) for no burn it came out super sharp looking I’ll be putting up a video of its detail on my page tomorrow afternoon just have to edit the video a bit first. I’ll try to link the video link here once I put it up tomorrow.


Very nice work! The comic cover is just amazing!

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Here is the link to that superman cover video I just posted with masking: