Added to my Hobbit landscape

It’s getting to be nice enough weather to get a lot of walkers past my Hobbit hole. Indeed, we are seeing quite a few already. So I decided to liven up the landscape a little. Our neighbors who also have fairy doors have been setting out little platters full of shells for the kids to pick through, and they have been real popular. I decided to take a slightly different approach. We’ve collected different interesting rocks and minerals over a lifetime (time to get rid of a few!) and so I made a little cart to put them in along with a sign:

I based the wagon design on the simple wagon uploaded by @SDB. I wanted a two-wheeled wagon though, with shafts for the horse, so I altered it quite a bit. If it’s okay with @SDB, I’ll upload the altered wagon design to Free Laser Designs (let me know).

If you haven’t seen the original installation of my hobbit hole, you can find it here, and the designs for it were uploaded here.

Edit: the cart design is posted here.


I love the entire set-up. The house really looks like it completely belongs there. and I really like the details in the wagon wheel.


This is SO adorable! I can only imagine the looks on the faces of little kids when they see everything you’ve put together.

or grownups for that matter…


A wonderful accouterment to the hobbit door. :sunglasses:
Also, a clever way to brighten someone’s day!


Very cute! What a fun find for the kids!

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LOVE this!!!

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Absolutely adorable.

What does a hobbit look like?

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From Wikipedia:

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This really adds to the Hobbit hole.

I love this. I am glad it could help. Please upload the altered design. I’d love to see what you did with it.


I finally remembered to post the cart design (here). Thanks again! And happy Cakeday!