Simple 2-wheeled wagon

I wanted a 2-wheeled cart for holding rocks, for my hobbit hole. I couldn’t find one to my liking, but this Simple Wagon design from @sdb was perfect to use as a base to design what I wanted.

Here’s the design (permission to post the revision was granted by @sdb ). It includes a foot rest as well as a wood texture to engrave on the sides. The wheel spokes are designed to match the windows in my hobbit hole. I used a bamboo skewer as the wheel shaft, and glued wooden beads on the outsides to hold the wheels in place.

two wheel (1.5 MB)



Thanks so much! Your neighbors must love you for this.


Do you bring it in when it’s wet, or is it durable outside? I’ll bet your neighbors are thrilled (especially the little & big kids).

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This is adorable!

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I did treat the wood with waterproofing stuff, but I don’t mind if it weathers and looks old. I also drilled some holes in the bottom so the water could drain out.

I never see anyone there (we don’t have windows other than bedrooms at the front of the house), but the rocks have been steadily disappearing.


Can’t wait to make this for our yard in our new house.



This is stinikin’ cute.