Adhesive Felt

So I had this adhesive felt backing around and decided to see how it would cut.

Power 60, Speed 350 and thickness .062" (1.6mm). Cut fine, no smell, very little smoke.

I was making some the Hogwarts coasters from Thingiverse:

and wanted to put something on the back so that they would not scratch a table surface and not slide around as easily.


I cut adhesive felt for my pen boxes and my settings are close to yours… So easy to cut and a lot straighter than a pair of scissors or exacto knife…


Ain’t that the truth! Especially the way that I cut…:joy:


Nice find, thanks for sharing the settings! I’m going to move your post to the “Beyond the Manual” section to keep the FNLs happy, since it contains Glowforge non-Proofgrade references/settings. :slight_smile:

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I thought that I had already moved it.

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I think you have to have “regular” status to move stuff. :slight_smile:

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Was just looking for this stuff today. Thanks so much!

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Thanks! I tried cutting my own felt and using hot glue to stick it and the glue came through the felt. Not a nice look. So I think that I’ll use this preadhesived felt instead.


Nice share of information. :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention, I cut this face down, so that the backing paper was on the top. That seemed to be the best way to get the cleanest cut.


Just in time, since my felt arrived today!

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