Coasters with 150+ variations

Over two years ago I posted my Succulent Coasters on this forum. This was the first laser cut project I shared that I had made using my design tool Cuttle.

This morning I placed my coffee on a coaster that was designed by a Cuttle user, LayeredPaperArt.

From a tool that my friend Ryan and I built for ourselves to a community where people are sharing designs and helping each other with designs, it’s inspiring to see how far we’ve come!

These coasters were designed using Cuttle’s Rotational and Mirror Repeat tools, and the designs are part of a set.


You can choose from over 30 designs in addition to 5 different perimeters. By combining these options you can make 150+ variations. Here’s the Cuttle project if you’d like to play with it or cut your own.

I made designs #20 and #24 with Circle perimeters. I cut the bases from PG Light Walnut, then added the top designs cut from PG Maple Veneer. I also cut Adhesive Felt circles for the base (using these cut settings).

Thank you GF forum for seeding this experiment in building a design tool centered around the possibilities of cut design. I’m excited to keep watching the Cuttle community grow and to see what other creative designs people come up with!

If you’re interested in using Cuttle to create your own designs, check out our website. I’m also always happy to answer any questions about it :blush: