Adventure Time! Pt. 2

Some of you may have seen my original post of a few characters from the TV show Adventure Time : Adventure Time!

I’ve done a handful more characters, so I thought I’d add them to a new topic as my other post may be drowned out. I even have a panorama of them all, nice and lined up. :grin:


Very cool. I know someone who would that those are the perfect gift :slight_smile:

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“C’mon grab your friends!”

I too am an Adventure Time fan!

What are you gonna do with them? Fridge magnets? Lapel pins? Just hide them places for people to find?


Wow, they all look great. I really like the way Ice King came out! Flame Princess looks slightly odd to me; my eyes keep wanting to interpret her hair as a giant mustache! :laughing:


Haha probably magnets is what I was thinking. Although I do like the idea of hiding them places :joy:

Interesting, perhaps it’s a Freudian thing. Have you had troubles growing mustaches? :rofl:

Quite the opposite. If I wanted to avoid having one I’d have to shave twice per day. (See my profile photo.)


Hahahaha I certainly should have looked at your pic. You sir, have magnificent facial hair!

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Words can not describe how much I love these! Thanks for posting part 2!