Affinity designer settings - export to SVG seems to produce large images not to size on GF

I use Affinity Designer on Mac and have set the workspace custom size to 10 x 10 cm and I bought some glass to engrave that is also 10 x 10 cm. However when I export the AD project (all curves/etc, no bitmaps) to SVG, the image is at least twice the size when uploaded to the GF.

Any ideas?

See if this helps:

There is some special treatment of 20in x 12in that should fix DPI issues.


Thanks for sharing the link, @chris1. That should definitely help with scaling concerns on AD designs. @stevekennedyuk, were you able to try this out?

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So you’re saying set for 20 x 12 in and that will fix things? We work in mm over here (which would be 50 x 28 cm) I wonder if that works too?

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508 mm x 304.8 mm works. (I also design in metric.)


@stevekennedyuk Yes, please give the measurements @jules suggested a try (508mm x 304.8mm) and let us know how it goes.

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