Aftermarket lid hinge bracket (glass detaching from hinges)

I have had the front handle fall off my lid (Original kickstarter unit), the lid come off the hinges (original kickstarter unit), and the lid separate from the hinges (2nd refurbished / replacement unit).

I got tired of using epoxy to glue things back on, and decided to try an aftermarket lid hinge bracket a guy is selling on ebay (I have no business relationship with the seller).

You can watch the install procedure here:

For $160 the bracket fits well (although it doesn’t continue the “trim line” correctly across the rear of the unit) and I’m hoping that the all metal construction and “U” channel that goes all the way around the back edge of the glass will work better than the OEM connection. [Only time will tell…but it is holding for now…]

You can read about all of my lid/handle/hinge repairs here:


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