Air assist alert

I just got a Air assist alert. I do not use magnets, I just cleaned the lens and contacts. I used a voltmeter and power is getting to the back fan, I even ran 3 volts back to it and it spun up. But it just not seem to turn on when I go to print. I ran a check again, and I see power coming from the laser head, only under a volt or so while its in idle.

But no matter what I still keep getting Air assist alert. Could my machine have disabled the fan?
Also one again NO magnets, everything is clean the fan looks almost spotless.

One possibility since you just cleaned the lenses, is that the head is not seated correctly. Turn off the machine, pull the head forward and then try to reseat it - making sure the notches contact the posts and it clicks into place.

If that doesn’t do it - check to see if the contacts are dirty.


Another thing to check: open a design and go to the gear icon; make sure you didn’t accidentally enable the Compact Filter. That would have the effect of significantly reducing fan speed.


Every time I use a lens wipe to clean;
Lens (if needed)
Mirror (if needed)
My glasses

And I finish with the head contacts (and pins) where it seats.


Nope tried a new design, head is seated right, All contacts are cleaned (3-4 times now) voltmeter shows i have a good contact. still get a " Air assist fan error - The air assist fan on the printer head is not running at the correct speed."

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Did you check the cable connection to the printhead?


On the printer head - like right behind? Or the fan located on the back of the carriage plate? Several inches behind the head.


I want to make sure you are checking the correct fan…the one we are talking about is hidden underneath the laser arm…directly behind the carriage plate that the head sits on. You can’t see it unless you turn off the machine and pull the laser arm to around the middle of the bed - then if you lean over behind the arm you will see that fan.

If it gets really junked up, it might be slowing it down and it might need cleaning. The process for doing that is a bit involved since you have to remove the carriage plate. Instructions for how to do that are here:

You might want to take a look at that and see if it needs cleaning.

The little fan (hidden one) on the arm is clean. it spins freely even if I blow on it. the one on the printer head is running. I tested with voltmeter from the pins to the hidden fan the line is not broken and it can receive power. I even used a 9v battery to test the fan and it spun up. It seems that not enough power is getting to the fan. So I am wondering if something is wrong with the print head. the 4 brass dots are clean, and so are the 4 brass plates.

seems like this persons issue is exactly like mine. oh gosh i’m nervous .

I’m so sorry for the trouble. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.