Air Assist Fan Error Issue?

I’ve been getting air assist fan error more Often lately despite frequent cleanings. Last evening was another time. It appeared the fan on the print head took a while to move with compressed air. I did take some pics that I’ll include. Just now, I opened the lid to move a piece a of wood and the machine was on. I put my hand in the print head and while I touched it, the fan would blow. When I released, it stopped. I’m wondering if I have a connection issues. Has anyone had something similar?

I have not experienced this issue, but have you cleaned the contact points and inspect whether or not they spring back after being depressed? Have you removed the fan housing and cleaned that area rather than just spraying with compressed air?

I have cleaned all contact points and made sure they recoil. Fan housing in the print head? That I did not?

The air assist fan housing can be removed.


Yes that I did. I’m sorry I thought you meant the fan within the print head.

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just did this the other day , it seems to look a bit intimidating, but it was a breeze if you take your time and follow the video!

The pictures you posted are not of the air-assist fan. The video dklwood posted shows it.

When the error comes up you receive ways to “troubleshoot”. First you clean the air assist fan, then the fan on the in the print head and connectivity. I truly believe it’s the connectivity despite the prongs appearing ok.

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