Air assist fan error - need new carrier plate?

Hey there Forum team,

Looking here for some support as the tech support first try told me to clean my brand new fan, and when I said it was new, they said I need to buy a full carrier plate to fix the issue, due to the logs they cant share…

I have been getting the air assist fan error for a month, and my laser has been out of commission causing me to buy a different laser from a different company… so now that I am back up an running on a different machine I am trying to fix this so I can use it for additional production.

I have cleaned all the connections, put a new fan on the carrier tray, checked all the connections on all the how to articles.

You can download your own logs:

When it’s all set up does the fan move at all? If no, can you move it freely manually?
I’m presuming by “checked” you disconnect the clip and made sure none of the prongs are bent out of place - if you haven’t, check the one on the fan end as well.


Assuming the fan is good, if you have a multimeter you could check the integrity of the traces, beyond that, the connection to the head pins is all that remains regarding the carriage plate. If that checks out, it’s a deeper problem.


Thank you for this link! I will check it out and see what happens.

The fan is new, it spins freely when installed. I have checked the pins for bending etc and everything checks out fine, but to the other responders point I need to check the ohms through the carriage board still (which I believe to be the problem)… if anyone knows where to buy just that board I would love to know.


Good call, the fan is new and tested good, the head pins are moving fine and the connectors are all clean.

Good call on testing tho, I will grab my DVOM and check the continuity in that board and through the head to the ribbon cable next. (Note: I work in IT and have a background small form factor board testing, but brain fogged last night and didn’t test that out).


Just in case, myself and others used magnets to hold the material in place and found that among other things would bring the fan to a stop when the fan was near the field.

If no extra magnets are involved, nevermind…


No magnets used, but thanks for the recommendation.

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