Air filter delivery date pushed back AGAIN?

Hey, happy Glowforge Pro owner here. Very unhappy air filter purchaser. Today was my estimated delivery date for the air filter I ordered on June 19th of 2018. The delivery date has been delayed multiple times in the past. It didn’t arrive today, so I checked my account page today to see what’s up, and I come to find that it has now been pushed back AGAIN to February 19th of 2020. I’m honestly extremely disappointed to have spent so much money on a product that I’ve still not received over a year after ordering to be informed that I’m supposed to wait nearly four more months. How do I go about receiving a refund?

Dan reported that they ran into a problem at the factory and the dates would be pushed back until this was resolved.

If you still want a refund, you have requested it and you will have to wait until Support sees the ticket that your topic generated and contacts you. Sending them an email before you hear from them will delay their response. You may find that using the Live Chat option from the homepage is faster, though it may not always be available.

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Hello @AmyCastle, welcome to the community!

On the subject of the filter, there have been a handful of users who were surprised how quickly the filter element needed to be replaced. Depending on what materials are used, but at $250 it is a shock to people who didn’t expect that.

If there is ANY way you could vent outside that is the best option.
I see the filter filling a need to occasionally run the laser at a makers fair, or at a public demonstration where there are no other venting options. Running the filter as a usual M.O. will get expensive, and the $ spent on the filter would buy a lot of materials for your projects!


Thanks for the warm welcome! This is good info to know; I was unaware that the filter replacements would be so expensive. My Glowforge lives in my kitchen and is vented out the window. That setup has worked for me for over a year, so I’ll stick with it and request a refund for the compact filter. One day I’d love to be able to bring it to a farmers market or outdoor event, but I’m not that far down the road.


If you’re outdoors, even in a market, you wouldn’t need a filter. Just position yourself so the smoke is directed away from the shoppers and other vendors.


I’m so sorry for the delays with the Air Filter! We want to be sure you get exactly what you need. To cancel your Air Filter order, make sure you’re logged in so we know who you are. Instructions to create an account, reset your password, or log in are here:

Once you’re logged in, go to

This is the fastest way to verify your account and cancel your Air Filter order, but if you get stuck and it doesn’t work, contact us back and we’ll process it manually for you.


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