Air Filter Delivery Frustration

I wanted to share with you the absurdity that is my wait time. I ordered my Glowforge while it was a Kickstarter in October 2015. I was notified recently that my air filter will be delivered July 2019. If anyone is keeping track, that is nearly four years!

I honestly thought Glowforge would take care of their Kickstarter backers first.

I am beyond annoyed.

There is an alternative filter being offered.
Any particular reason you do not wish to go that route?

…Where to start…this has all been covered before…

  1. not a “Kickstarter”, it was crowdfunded, from their own website.

2)unlike Kickstarter, they’ve been offering refunds if you didn’t want to wait, you chose to wait.
3) if you’ve never tried to create a new product that has multiple hazards that are regulated by multiple agencies, you should do some research before complaining.
4) when you hit a button to send your money, pretty sure it said “pre-order”.
5) You can choose to accept the small filter cube they are offering now instead of the sleek one you ordered.
6) we are all enjoying an amazing machine that does things other laser cutters can’t. the airfilter is delayed, big deal. cancel your filter order and buy one of the many other options commercially available, I got one 2 years ago while I wait for the glowforge one. If you’re holding off for the Glowforge one, it’s because you’re choosing to (because it’s sexy and superior), and you can be annoyed, but it should be aimed at your own choices and not at the company who is trying to give us something new and great instead of just repeating the same boring crap.


I opted to cancel my order for the air filter this summer, as doing OK venting thru the window. I first thought I could move the unit easily to take to shows to do custom etching on-site, so the airfilter would have been great. But since that’s not the case (for me, at least), getting the money back made the most sense vs. waiting longer for something I don’t really need–and I’ll get a proper “dryer” style vent thru the wall soon.


to be completely fair, AFAIK, this isn’t shipping yet to everyone asking for it. has it been shipped beyond the beta testers? even if the OP asks for the small filter cube, there’s not an estimated date. the only thing we know is that it exists and it works. but we don’t know where they are in scaling up for delivery to anyone who asks or when they’ll get it if they order.


I agree with everything you said. However, I am entitled to my frustrations and have them addressed (or readdressed as you point out).

I am gathering, from your response, that no one who was an initial crowdfunder has received their air filter? If so, then I suppose I shouldn’t feel so bad since I am among many. Tranquility in numbers.


I guess I just want the one I purchased as an original backer. Begs the question, why is there an alternative filter?


Absolutely, your frustrations are completely valid! I just bought my fourth set of very expensive filter replacements for my aftermarket laser filter, I’m frustrated too. to my knowledge, nobody has received the original Glowforge airfilter. There was an issue with the manufacturing of it in the beginning, but I think (assume) now that it is hung up in regulatory issues. The one they are offering now as a secondary option is offered by another company they are partnering with (one that has already passed all test and has fancy stickers that says they are compliant). again, these are all assumptions based on tidbits of information I have gleaned from reading way too many posts on here. Glowforge can’t/won’t divulge all information either because of legal reasons or to protect future investment opportunities or bad press based on misconstrued information taken out of context. completely understandable, but infuriating to those of us waiting multiple years for something we already spent too much money on. Sorry if I rant or come off as a *#@!, I get upset sometimes when I misinterpret something that feels attacking to the people at Glowforge who are REALLY trying to get us our stuff, and have been amazing in ways I never predicted. This community is freaking amazing.


Might want to take a gander here:


Alternate filter because the GF branded filter is not yet ready for production.

That aside… As far as I can tell if you want to change a filter cartridge in the future GF device you would need to lift the heavy laser off of the filter unit, then set it aside to remove the cartridge? That would not be possible for most people by themselves. Please correct me if I am wrong.


That’s a heavy lift. I’ll design and laser a pulley system to lift the Glowforge, should be ready by July. :smirk:


on one level i might be able to handle the lift. on another level, who has room in their workspace to take the glowforge off and set it down somewhere else while they replace the filter? i guess i probably have floor space for it, but that’s more annoying because it’s a much heavier lift from the floor than it is if i had counter space to set it down next to the filter base.


I’m so sorry for the additional delay.

Unfortunately, we have encountered delays in Glowforge Air Filter production. You can find the latest information in our Air Filter Latest update.

I’m going to close this thread. Feel free to reach out to or start a new topic if you have any other questions.

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