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yes, this is the big issue. if you just disconnect the hose, the fan won’t be running. hence my comments about people discussing ways to mod to override that RF when you want to use the vent instead of filter. but we really won’t know how feasible / easy that is until someone actually has a GF filter to test.


Believe RF is correct. So… unplug it :slight_smile:


I believe it’s actually an IR transceiver on the bottom of the GF that will communicate with the filter.


There’s some confusion, and I apologize.

It’s relatively easy to switch between either filter & a hose. You just turn off the filter, disconnect it, and connect the hose.

The thing that is hard was that someone wanted to connect their filter to their Glowforge, and then exhaust the filter outside. That is, send the clean filtered air outdoors. I don’t know why you’d want to do that, but it wouldn’t be particularly easy.

Air Filter.... yet?

Is that true of the (as-of-yet unavailable) Glowforge Filter or just the current compact filter?


Excellent news :+1:


I believe that is the case Dan was responding to in specific. The official under-unit Glowforge filter system.

It connects on the same exhaust port as your hose would connect, but with a little C shaped connector which diverts the air straight down and back into the filter. You would pull off this connector, then attach your hose, and now be able to vent out the window.

With how small of a lip you have to connect the hose, some people have built extensions to make attaching a hose easier. Those extensions would interfere with connecting the official filter. Those who want to regularly swap between venting and filtering will have to deal with the really small connection lip for the hose each time. (Maybe I am just an oaf though, and for others it is not problem getting a good seal there)


nope, it’s not just you. that’s why so many people have built extensions.


I was talking about the Glowforge Air Filter (but the same’s true of the Compact Filter).


Well, that’s good to know. Guess I’d better go do some editing.


Excellent - so I will continue to hold course for the beauty that will be my :glowforge: official filter :smiley: Thank you for the clarification!


Yay! Then I’ll probably wait for the Glowforge Air Filter. The only reason I might have considered switching to the Compact Filter would have been if it would be significantly harder to switch between filtering and venting outside with the Glowforge Air Filter.


Thanks for the clarification. That might have changed my decision, but (so far at least) I’m happy with the decision to swap for the compact filter.

Could you also clarify whether or not the Forge has to be taken off the (official) filter to change the cartridge / consumable filter, or if there will be easy access to replace a “used” filter with a new one while the 'Forge is still on top of the Filter?

Thanks, Dan.


The former - you have to lift the Glowforge unit off the Glowforge Air Filter to change the cartridge.


I’m strongly considering switching for the Compact Filter, and while we haven’t heard of replacement costs yet for the filters, will they be available any time soon? I’d hate to get the compact now and then not be able to switch it out any time soon when it fills up


how high would you have to lift the Glowforge to change out the filter? I am wondering about some Glowforge made stilts that would hold up the machine while changing its diaper, is it possible to add that to the design of the diaper at this stage?


I would like to have platform so that we don’t have lift the machine to change filter.


I think perhaps a drawer-like pair of slides might do it? :thinking:


Did you know that you can exchange your Glowforge filter on order for a Compact Filter that does not have to be lifted off to change the filter out?


A Box in front of the Blue Whale I have already purchased would do a better job with 500 cfm and deep filtration and a place for a 6" hose to pump the clean air elsewhere the compact filter is a step back from either alternative for me. If I had not pre-purchased the regular filter I would spend money and effort there and not get either one, but I have six months to think about even that.