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Yeah, I know you already have something that’s working for you. I was just trying to inform a new user who might not have been aware of the Compact Filter option. :slightly_smiling_face:


At the price it is a reasonable alternative. By post 450 all those horses are soup anyway.


Ewwww! Not a fan of that phrase! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I really like the Compact Filter. The sound is deeper. It kept blowing the fuse mid cut which is a pain. so I changed where I plugged it in. So far, so good.
Edit- Thanks Dan and Co.


Mine is due to be here today. Can anyone tell me what setting to turn the dial to start to cut smelly acrylic?

And does the filter come with a new hose? Can anyone recommend a good hose to use, I want to replace the standard glowforge one.


POWERTEC 70111 Heavy Duty 4-Inch x 10-Foot PVC Flexible Dust Collection Hose, Clear Color

Is what I’m using and it works very well. Also suggest using the powered rubber couplers.

POWERTEC 70149 Dust Control Flex Cuff with Hose Clamps, 4-Inch


Start with the lowest setting, and keep using the lowest setting until you start to notice a slight odor. Then you will dial it up a little. (As a matter of fact, with mine, I didn’t have to use the lowest setting at first…it was well below the first notch.)

Read through the CF manual…it tells you how to use it.


Hi Jules, I see your posts quite often, and notice you have a lot of good input in the Glowforge community. So I have a couple of questions for you…

Did you exchange your filter for this model? If so, does it work well? Because it seems like it is not as strong of an option.

If you did not get this filter, are you waiting on the pre-purchased filter or did you have an alternative to the one presented by Glowforge?

Thanks for the help!


Reply in 3…2…1…


I had actually cancelled my pre-order for the Glowforge filter about a year and a half ago, when I decided to upgrade my machine to a Pro model.

(Quit that @wesleyjames!) :wink: :smile:

Then I volunteered to test this Compact Filter, so I bought this one outright.

As far as how it’s going to compare to the Glowforge filter…i would expect them to be almost identical from a filtering standpoint. The Glowforge filter is going to have some bells and whistles that this one doesn’t have…it will automatically adjust fan speeds and turn itself on and off as needed. This one you have to turn on before every print. There are some minuses too with the GF filter…as it’s currently designed, you have to lift the Glowforge off of the filter base to change the cartridge. That would be kind of tough for me to do, so this one actually works better for me from that standpoint.

I did get this filter and have been testing it. So far, so good. I don’t think you should consider this an inferior option…it’s just different. (Not as attractive, granted, but it has some good points.)


truth! :grin:


The number of times I’ve been tempted to post something like this… I think at least 1/4 of the time I post anything on this forum I can see that little hedgehog down there composing a reply.


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What is there to apologize for? It’s always nice to see that you’re on top of things.
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Oh, I don’t sleep much.



Nope, don’t run it on its sides not built for that position.


I am interested in the “Compact Filter”. How will you announce or where can I order one when it is available? Right now the only thing I see is the same as before - the three versions of the printer and the GF filter. Please advise. Thanks, John


From your earlier post, you said you responded to the message 3 or 4 times…did you put your name on the Compact Filter list at the link here?

You need to sign up on that list to give them permission to switch you to the Compact Filter.


Hey Jules, I have sent that request in several times ( 3 or 4) at least. I remember it specifically because I had to pull my PLUS out away from the wall so I could get the serial number off the back. I know for certain I put in my name and all the address information. I didn’t have to answer the next to the last question because I have my GF printer. Thanks for the assist, but I’m not sure I really want to pursue this. I’d like to, but I’m tired of trying only to get no where. Take care,


Okay, just checking. If you signed up, then they’ll probably contact you when the next production run is complete. (I don’t know how many come in a production run though…or how long it takes to manufacture them, so that won’t be much help.)