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Any news on this? It’s been literally years. The Glowforge is useless in my day-to-day workflow without the filter, and I can’t spare the space for the external unit.

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Same here.

Will these issues be the same with the official glowforge filter?

We used our credit towards a spare filter for this very reason.

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Ugh…just looked at my estimated shipping date…and surprise surprise, it’s moved out two months from the last time I looked…about two months ago. I guess the ship date is just always going to be 4 months away.

I wish there were at least regular announcements from the team about the status, what’s really going on in the development, what’s working and what isn’t. This interminable waiting with next to zero information is frustrating.


Did you think about trading out for the compact filter? Seems to be a great situation for many…

I am not settling for less than what was promised.


I actually found the idea (and practice) of the compact filter to be preferable. Having to lift the entire GF to change the filter just seems silly. The only thing missing is the auto control by the GF - But all that means is I turn on the filter manually which is super easy to do.


I get that and I’m still waiting as well. To me, it seems like the compact filter is a better solution for some situations and the yet to be delivered glowforge filter is better for other situations.

I am wondering if a drawer mechanism would be possible or even if the office had thought of it and could include it in the design

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Maybe that’s part of the extended delay? :woman_shrugging:

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I could be way off base here but if it were me I would seriously consider the other options. Obviously after this much time has passed I have to conclude that the original plan for a filter has not panned out as expected. It’s not like the company would have the perfect filter hanging out in a storage facility or not building them to piss off their customers.

But, like I said, I could be completely wrong.


I’m beyond fed up with this little game.:nauseated_face:

I placed my Glowforge order on October 25, 2015.

I have waited for 3 years, 8 months, 19 days for a single functional device to be delivered ‘As Advertised’. Is it to much to ask to not be delivered a work in progress requiring work arounds and compromises?

Clearly this is NOT a priority for them.

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No, it’s not. Unfortunately that’s also why the filters are taking so long. I’m sure they’ll be kick-ass when we get them. (In the meantime, are you aware of the Compact Filter option available to those who don’t want to wait, and who had one of the original filters on order?) :slightly_smiling_face:

(In the meantime, are you aware of the Compact Filter option available to those who don’t want to wait, and who had one of the original filters on order?)

FWIW: I also had been waiting since Dec 2015, finally decided to go with the compact filter and requested they ship my GF and filter. Only the GF has showed up… waiting for them to let me know what’s up with the filter :confused:

When did you contact them? (It’s probably going to take from a few days to a couple weeks I would think if they have to track down a filter that was stolen instead of delivered. It happens.)

If they find out that the filter went missing on shipment, they will have to order another one made for you, and that can take a little time. Hang in there.

Oh, I just re-read that…did you specifically tell support that you wanted to switch to the Compact Filter? If not, they might not realize that you wanted to switch to the CF. Send them an email and specifically tell them you want to switch your filter to the Compact Filter…they can’t do that without your authorization and they might still have you down for the Glowforge filter when it is ready.

(Sorry, little bit confusing there.)

We processed your exchange, and have replaced your Glowforge Air Filter order with a Compact Air Filter order. Your Compact Air Filter order has been submitted to production and will be manufactured and delivered to you within 10 days.

That was email to me on July 5. So I suppose technically they have until the 19th to get it delivered still…

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Ah good! Long as you let them know. (And you’re right, that’s ten working days.)