Airfilter m3/h needed?

Often when I see the beta users play :smirk: with the glowfroge I see on the photographs that you stick the hose simply out of the window. This seems fairly easy with the windows which you have in the US. But it’s very inconvenient in my situation: Floor to ceiling windows which open into the room… And cold temperatures during winter… :snowflake: The Airfilter from glowforge is out of question because of shipping cost/taxes/duty. Now I found a manufacturer almost around the corner. carbonactive
Now the next question arises: What airflow is needed? How many cubic meters per hours is recom-mended?


@dan has said that the built-in exhaust fan has a flow rate of 200 cfm, which translates to about 340 m3/hr. Hope that helps.

BTW, if your avatar is the view out one of those floor to ceiling windows of yours, you are a very lucky person!


Thank you! I somehow didn’t find that information.
BTW: yes indeed - IF the sun is shining this is about the view - sometimes we are not aware of our luck. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, isn’t it? so thank you for remeinding me :blush:


There has been some discussion about sizing booster fans. One caution:

I will be feeding my Forge into a 1000 CFM roof-mounted whole-house exhaust system with variable speed control. I’ll have to experiment to find what speed to use to prevent suction at the Forge outlet while its fan is on.


A blast gate could regulate the flow


Yes, I’ve got one of those too, in case I can’t turn the exhaust low enough. In my case, I’d prefer to run the exhaust at as low power as I can to minimize pulling air out of the house in other places.


It is breathtaking. Where are you located?

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Just posting this as an option probably for others who come across this thread… I’ve been looking at/considering these as a north american’s provider:

They make smaller units which fit nicely under tables and seem to be quite quiet, if their specs are to believed…


Any idea on the price of the Quatro-air for laser applications or of the consumables? They want you to email for a quote, which usually means “expensive”.

Looks like the LaserVac-Mini might be a good choice from the description, they claim a cfm of 141 m3/min. Hopefully that’s a typo on the units. 141 m3/min is about 5,000 cfm and I’m not sure a poor GF could take that.


Sadly, I haven’t asked them yet for similar reasons, because I’m not sure if I’m going to go that route myself. I’m probably going to just cobble together a DIY solution, but I wanted to have a backup plan. I can’t see it costing much more than the non sale price of the Glowforge filter, though. I’ll try getting a real quote from them this week.

Yes, would definitely want to throttle that down somehow.

Yeah, I really don’t like to bother companies for price quotes when I’m not pretty interested in that sort of product.