Alignment is STILL off

Alright guys and gals - I am needing all of your smart recommendations.

My alignment is STILL off - I have done the recalibration, cleaned all the belts, cleaned the wheels, measured material with a digital caliper, used the set focus, etc. I have only had my machine for 2 months. This isn’t a huge issue when I am cutting something out because the design itself stays accurate, but when I am engraving on an item, this comes us.

All of my designs are engraving, scoring, cutting slightly to the left and up just a smidge.

What are your suggestions? I have included a screen shot to show the example. I am so appreciative of anything you have to offer! I am tired of burning through product.

When you did the camera calibration, was the alignment pretty good? Did you test with targets in the corners?

Yup! I did the alignment and all went well. I then did the test run with the bullseye and it was pretty spot on.

Looks like you’re near to 1/4” off which they consider in spec. :frowning:
Suggest that you use cardboard jugs - lots of info on the forum, use the search function.
(The secret is to put the jig cutout line AND your artwork in the same file, do not move the jig and ignore the camera)

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The specs stated by Glowforge are that the camera offers alignment within 1/4". It looks like your prints are in that range. When engraving on items like in your example, your best bet is to make a jig if you need better precision.

Before the improved camera alignment, some of us determined how far off our machine was and adjusted manually. For example, after aligning visually, some would use the nudge key to shift the design two click left and 4 clicks up (as an example).

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I do need to try that, but this just recently started happening in the last 3-4 days. Previously I had zero issue with alignment.

My machine hasn’t moved, nothing has hit it, I cover it up when not using it… I just don’t get it.

Since this just started, take a very close look at the lid and the honeycomb tray. Make sure the tray hasn’t shifted and that the lid/machine remain level. Even small pieces of debris could throw the camera off a bit.

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Do you happen to know which link/thread is the best for learning how to use a jig? I get so lost in all of the posts.

I think this one gives a good overview Video Tutorial - How to make a jig

This one is a bit more detailed: Grid on the bed of the glowforge


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