Alignment Shifts during print when printing on the far right side

We’ve had this problem on our last glowforge too. When we print on the right hand side, the alignment falters. I printed the “Gift of Good Measure” on medium draftboard on the bottom right; I can see at least two times the alignment sifted during the engrave step.

Previous glowforge that was replaced by this one has this issue, too: Alignment shift on part of a print

Has this just started to happen again?

It’s often a belt tension issue, there are a few posts about this, you can try the suggestions support has and report back.

Here’s one example: Gear and/or belt slippage?

It has been going on since we first got it. I have just tended to print on the left side.

It only happens when I am printing on the far right side. I though there was some debris on the tracks but that is not it. I will check the belt tension.

That is unfortunate, and certainly not normal.

Update: After looking at the tension belt post, I took a closer look. The belt tension appears to be fine (it has the same amount of tension as the picture in their post).
The pulley on the right hand side has slide down. This causes extra friction when printing on the right hand side as the belt is pulled vertically. I was able to push the pully up with just my finger and I tried printing again. It must have slide down again because the print messed up and when I looked, the pulley was down again.

[Comparing the black pulley movement]

[Showing the extra upward force that is causing extra friction when on the right side]

Is there a way to keep that black plastic pulley up?

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It’s also angled when down - look at the top of the pulley relative to the gantry.

If you compare yours to the pics in the linked post, I believe that screw from below must be loose.

I believe that pulley mounts in a slotted hole, if the screw were loose the belt would be too.

The screw is tight. How would I get the pulley back into the slotted hole?

I’m so sorry for the trouble, thank you for the photos. For now you can push that pulley back up so the silver portion isn’t visible anymore. We will reach out in e-mail for the next steps to replace your pulley; I’m going to close this thread, Thank you all for your help!