Alignment, WAY off

The alignment isn’t a little bit off, it’s WAY off. I don’t know if I should stop the print, or hope that the other half prints better?

I’d stop the print… experiment with cardboard or other cheap material with this layout before committing to the final product.


I stopped it… I expected the circles around the edge not to be perfect, and maybe the text to not be perfectly where I sat it… but those circles are two inches wide, and the portkey/hand one is near the center. Being an inch off is WAY WAY worse than I expected.

Also, the ship down in the corner, being the furthest away from the camera… I thought that one was most likely to be off and it was only slightly so.

If it were me I’d reload the job and run it on some cheap material to verify if this is a one-time glitch or something more persistent.

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Also, how did you set this up? Are the cut circles a part of each engraved piece, or are you overlaying a new job over an existing cut?

If the latter, your best bet is to do the former :wink:

I’m having a similar problem although not quite as extreme as you. Then it stopped loading artwork.

Approx 1.5 inches off from where they were supposed to be.

Order of execution was (this was 1 file, 1 print)

  • Score inner circles (done, seemed fine)
  • Engrave boat (not as dark as I wanted, but that was on me. It was placed well)
  • Engrave willow tree (significantly off)
  • Engrave hand (significantly off)
  • Engrave flowers (Significantly off) - ENDED PRINT
  • Engrave all text (never got that far)
  • Cut outer circles (never got that far)

Can you upload the file? It should not be that far off and because it’s not consistently off the same amount it seems likely a file issue - either the source or something that happened when it was saved. Possibly it might be something GF doesn’t support correctly (like the winding path issue).

Since you’re not using proofgrade, have you entered in your material thickness?

This will throw off the bed camera focus, and therefore the alignment quite significantly.

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I was using proofgrade, the bar code is on the flip side because it doesn’t engrave well.

Attempting to upload the original file…
(Edit: zipping and trying again)

Have you checked to make sure that the crumb tray is 100% level (even little bits of debris can throw things out of whack) and when was the last time you cleaned the lens?

I’ve had both of these things throw my alignment off - didn’t expect either to have such a profound effect, but they do. Especially cleaning!

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tokens (714.1 KB)

Before my last print (a honey comb) I had cleaned it.

I’ll check the level… (Edit: level is good)

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circles score seem smack on right, so it doesn’t make sense that material thickness or tray placement were incorrect


Right? They are off… but an ‘off’ I expected. That was totally anticipated.

Has gf checked what might be going on on their end? It might not be a user issue.

@lizabeta just posted about the issue 2 hours ago. I doubt glowforge staff has had time to check things out on their end yet.

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My point was more that the assumption in this thread and many others is that problems are something the user created or can fix and that isn’t always true.