All my fellow south Texas forgers stay safe!

Well, it looks like some of us are in for a bumpy ride with Harvey (which is my younger son’s middle name so he’s loving it). Everyone in the path stay safe! Think I’ll go dig my kids old floaties out of storage :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and see how Noah’s coming with that boat :smile:


Yep! Stay out of the :red_car:.

First little blow of the season. We just about had the yard recovered from Ike, too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


From central to ya’ll southerly good luck and safety.


I’ve been in Houston every Mon-Thu for the past few months. I didn’t even know there was a storm headed this way until yesterday. At least I get to fly home to PA today before the storm.

For those staying here, stay safe.


Wasn’t that long ago our first indication of a storm was dark clouds on the horizon. “Looks like a storm is coming Ma.” When it’s actually a category 4 hurricane. Now have the benefit of days of early warning.
When I was young the weather man used colored markers to draw his forecast on a white board, now they give me live satellite images with not just rain, but how much where.

I think of the great Galveston hurricane 100 years ago, and I wonder how many lives have been saved by “all of the money we are spending up there when we have all of these problems down here”. :roll_eyes:
Those of you in the path Stay safe.


Stay safe…be smart and come through unscathed.


Be safe y’all. Thinking of you this weekend.

I still have logs in my pasture’s edge that were dropped by the 7" rainfall’s creek rising from Hurricane Ike. Half of my property was underwater. It’s amazing and that was 1,000 miles inland!


We’re slated to pick up between 15" -20" from tomorrow or later this evening through Wednesday of next week. :hushed:

It’s of particular concern to me this time because they have got the normal drainage paths all mucked up due to widening a main road out here. The possibility that that much rain will overwhelm the draining ability is a real worry.

Guess we’ll see how it goes.

Glub! Glub! :whale2::dolphin::fish::tropical_fish::blowfish::shark::octopus::whale:


“Noah, how long can you tread water?” :slight_smile:

Seriously, evacuating if instructed is a good idea. I hate seeing people ignore those orders and then congratulating themselves when the storm isn’t as bad or veers away and they’re all smug about not having had to evacuate. They don’t show them when the storm is worse or things go bad and the squatters get killed (or some emergency worker gets killed saving them from their own poor decisions).


No evacuations are generally recommended for us. We’re far enough inland that storm surge is not an issue. But the creeks do rise, and we’ll get a foot or two of water covering large tracts of land here. (Many of them with subdivisions built on them - we’ve had massive devastation from the last couple of years with the 100 year floods.)

Flooding brings loss of power for up to a couple of weeks (we installed a Generac last year, so we’re good there) but the worst is the people who die trying to drive through standing water that is always deeper than the car.

They build the roads lower than the houses and buildings here, so that the water has a route to drain. It can be very deceptive looking. Still surface with an undertow that will pick up a car and move it.

And we’ve had a huge influx of folks from other states who aren’t familiar with this yet…there are going to be deaths again. I really hate these long slow drowning flood rains. :frowning:


As someone who lived at the New Jersey shore during Hurricane Sandy, storm surge can reach farther inland than expected; and, as you mentioned, creeks can rise quite a bit. I was here working with clients in both 2015 for the memorial day flood, and in 2016 for the tax day flood–stuck in the hotel for 3 days. It’s crazy how much this city floods.

I’m heading to the airport in a couple of hours, but quite a few of my clients and colleagues are still in Houston. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that everything turns out to be less severe than expected.


Storm surge from Ike wiped out the Bolivar peninsula. One of our employees’ husband works for the post office there, and he said the only way they knew of the people who are “dead/presumed washed away” because they thought they could ride it out, was they never again appeared to pick up their mail. Entire families. Houses washed up on the mainland. I think one guy was found floating on his house after a few days. (The whole house was floating.)

Hundreds of people never heard from again. We saw pictures of the bloated corpses of cattle and horses being burned though.

Most folks don’t realize how deadly some of these storms are, and they don’t take them seriously enough. (I’ve survived a few, so my readiness level is pretty good.)

You’re smart to get clear of it for a while though, especially from the downtown area. That really is a pit that collects water.


That’s a whole year’s worth of rain where I live. :open_mouth:


My parents and I had been looking forward to a week on the beach in Port Aransas (Corpus Christi, TX). Our condo was booked starting TODAY for one week. After watching the weather channel all night, we decided to cancel our trip, figuring (aside from the obvious dangers), we’d get at best a day or two on the beach next week before packing up to leave. When we called today to cancel, they said they were under a mandatory evacuation (at least from the barrier islands).

But, our disappointment will pale in comparison to the inconvenience or devastation felt by others affected in the coming days.


And remember to keep your 'forge dry :slight_smile:


Yeah, cancelling was the right call. It’s gonna come in hot at a Cat 3 at least…we just got the update on the local boards.

Great! This is gonna be a mess again. :roll_eyes:

Oh yes indeed. It’s up on a table, out of the potential damage zone. :wink:


Wow, that’s from an old Bill Cosby routine from the mid 1960’s, I think. I didn’t think you were old enough to have experienced that.


I have an older brother (actually a couple) who listened to this stuff. But I have a lot of old radio & vinyl. Got some classic Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner stuff.

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Oh ok. I have a few of the older Cosby albums from when I started my collection of music and comedy while in elementary school. I think this routine is on the album “Why is there Air?”


I used to do his Dad is Great Give Us Chocolate Cake for Breakfast routine to my kid’s delight and my wife’s angst :smile: