All Pros shipped?

I just had a look at the crowdsourced Shipping list… and MechanicalGooses Glowforge order on 9/7/2017 is already on its way! So there is hope that the banner in the header will change soon and the long wait for everyone is over.
I hope dan is chilling the drinks already :slight_smile:


I ordered the very first day so have had one for quite awhile. But let’s not forget that none of the International folks have received theirs. Will be a long time before the umbrella drinks are poured.


Yeah. I think a lot of people outside the US would ask Dan to hold his celebration for a little while longer until they also have their units.

And then there’s the air filter…

And other heads for the GF…

I think Dan has a busy schedule for the next couple years :smiley:


Yeah, when shipping started I congratulated Dan and said I expect a celebration was in order, and he replied the party would wait until the international pre-sales were all shipped.

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What about the basics? I think they were scheduled to finish later than the Pros.

I ordered a Basic in October, 2016 and have not received even the golden email yet. It is scheduled to notify me March 1, 2018

EDIT: I’m in the US.

Where did I see a similar post recently?"

My March 5 date for the air filter email hasn’t moved in quite a while, so they may be quietly celebrating that milestone soon.

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Mine is in May. But that’s being an international buyer for you.

Interestingly, my glowforge date is the same as your air filter date.

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