All Things Glowforge Chat

I was added to this group for some odd reason and its taking up nearly half my page. what is going on with this website?


Do you have a screen shot of what you are referencing?


If you mean the chat that opens while you are printing something, simplty click the hide button.


The discord annoyance when you print something.

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is there a way to disable the chat. I know you can hide it but I like the big countdown numbers.

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I’d also appreciate a way to prevent this chat room from opening automatically every time I run a cut job - the idea is interesting, but it distracts me from what I’m working on.

I use the glowforge app to cut and engrave stuff, not to scroll aimlessly on Discord. For that, I use Discord.

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Yes, there’s an (unofficial) way to disable it! Those took me less than 5 minutes and it’s confirmed to work in Chrome and Edge at least :slight_smile:


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