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I just wanted to share a resource with everybody here. - Just a heads up, these are all purchase-able fonts (no freebies) but there are TONS of unique, high quality letter styles. They’re geared towards sign makers but I’m sure everyone will enjoy browsing through these. If you wanted to look through every font on the site, it would take you days!

If nothing else, checking out the sample artwork displayed is entertaining. If you want a laugh, I recommend looking up works by Chuck Davis. The website allows you to look up specific artists.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending February 11, 2017





I love quality fonts and there are some very good ones here. Thanks!


Oh great, my font addiction that I had under control is now out of control again.
Thanks for the link. Bookmarked :smile:


Interesting font site. If you go to the bottom of the page there some links to free and useful stuff…


Oh, then you probably should not look at either. :grin:


Enabler are you!



Thank you – a great resource.


I have design resource addiction as well. I end up buying the 90+ bundles from Creative Market all the time. For no reason!
I recommend their bundles though, they either come with the licensing for the paid fonts in the package, or they’re free and have a text file with links to download them. Plus the licensing is usually completely open.

Lost type is a nice little free font place too.


Well…just great…I just spent $112 on a bunch of letters! :smiling_imp: Honestly though, it was SO difficult to resist and I adore fonts. Thank you. :relaxed:


(Stands up and waves hands wildly) :wave:
Hello, my name is Alicia and I am a font addict. I haven’t downloaded a single font in three days now…:slight_smile:
Letterhead is one of my go-to sites for font porn. Besides have gorgeous fonts for sale, their site is beautiful and so well done. It’s just a lovely visual font buffet. Unfortunately my pocketbook does not allow for much Letterhead indulgence. A girl can dream though.



Yay for you!! I won’t even go look again becasue I just can’t resist. I want Elixir and Sign Maker 2 and Beatnik Cowboy and Duetta and Emporium and… lol


I’ve got my list down to a dozen fonts. I’m hoping I can weed that down a little more. And that reminded me that I have been planning to buy some fonts from, too.


Fonts? Really Fonts? The only time anyone out here would think of paying for fonts is maybe to find large leaning Italics for a Mail Pouch Tobacco sign on this barn.


I have an old CD of Corel Draw 3. That is my font source. Probably could branch out a bit.


That’s a good source. There are some good fonts on there.

#18 is da best!


I’m hearing Dick Butkis saying that…lol!


Google also maintains a collection of free fonts: