Amber light

Anyone know what the Amber button means? I submitted a ticket but i thought i would see if anyone else was getting them? I know @Jerware had one with his broken tube but i can’t remember any other references to it.

I had it happen a bunch of times over the weekend, but once i reboot it is fine again. Any ideas?


Disclaimer, just “liked” to track your post. Curious as to the answer. Hope it’s an easy fix.


It will happen if its too warm to operate the :glowforge:

There might be other reasons…


Does the GFUI say anything?


For me I got a nice message saying in the future they will implement a cool down but for now they were terminating the job.

I can’t get to my screen shot right now, I have it on the computer that was sitting next to the GlowForge and I haven’t bothered assembling that one again just yet


I asked Dan about it. I forget exactly what he said, but I think the gist was it’s just a generic “error” indicator.


Don’t think it was a temperature thing. I just moved it to it new home in the air conditioned basement where it is about 65 down there most of the time.

Just the general there was a problem… message.


Update: Over the past few days it got to the point where i couldn’t run any jobs over 30 seconds without getting a amber light and the print failing.

I had been updating support each time it happened and finally they have decided to swap out my GF. I got everything packed back up and shipped back this morning. :frowning:

Fingers crossed for a quick return. :crossed_fingers:


Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you get a fresh one back soon. :neutral_face:


I’m sorry you got a defective unit. I know it’s not much consolation, but each problem like this helps us improve our process for everyone else. We’ll get you swapped ASAP.


The worst part is i was just in the middle of a project when i had to ship it back. Here is a little sneak peak.


Maybe this isn’t something you’ve discussed yet. But what happens if this happens to an international customer? Does shipping get paid for both ways?

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If it arrives broken, yes. If it’s a warranty return, no. We haven’t published the details of how it works yet.


Space Invaders?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Glowforge and the info about the new packaging coming in soon. It would explain the current delay in shipments. Yes we are active. It’s a great forum!


Got my replacement in today. Everything looks good, but i can’t figure out how to add the new GF. It still show the old one in my list, but online, and for the life of me i can figure out how to add another one.

Anyone have to deal with this yet? I have emailed support but i figured someone has had to of dealt with this already.

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Sucks. Glad it’s being taken care of quickly though! Excited to see your final result!

Does he get a shiny new black tray out of the deal? (Not sure if he already had one.)

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That’s interesting. Didn’t you have to go through the whole setup process all over again?

That is what i was thinking would happen, but when you go to it just goes to the main GFUI page with no way i could find to add a new system.