An Honest Air Filter Update. Please!

Glad to see the air filters are planned to ship just prior to my 5 year anniversary of ordering one. Estimated ship date June 2019. Come on Dan, I feel like we need an honest update to the status. Don’t say you have been honest, show you are honest. Post a pictures of the prototypes, post a video of it in use. Throw us a bone! Something. If you don’t have a working model yet, there is no way you can get tooling and manufacturing done by June. What are the hold ups? (again, not words, pictures)

Understand your frustration. Aside from that, June 2019 is 3 years and 9 months.


Oh, my bad. I feel soooooooo much better at 4 years. Thanks! See you again after June! (because it’s highly unlikely that it is going to ship). Then we can count down together to the 5 year anniversary.

Aside from that, I said prior to 5 years. So still accurate, albeit still off a bit. :slight_smile:

Did you see that they are offering a Compact Filter (as an option that you can trade your GF filter for) that will most likely be delivered soon, and at any case probably before the Glowforge filters are ready?

Information on it here:

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I have to wait till July

Thank you for the feedback, Marc. I’ll pass it along to the team. And on their behalf, I’m so sorry we haven’t been able to deliver your Air Filter yet.

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