And how low can you go?


So after the sign for my niece, then the dog tag which got insanely small…

I thought “hey just how small can you lase and still be readable?”

So while not perfect, considering this is freakin’ wood, and is quite readable (even the US Army), it is astonishingly good. There is a tiny amount of ringing at the edge of the square (although interestingly not in the text)

Cast Resin? Polymer Clay?
Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 15th, 2017

Can almost read the engraver’s initials on Lincoln. Oh, and the tag looks good too.


I can see by your palm you are going to have a long and happy future with a Glowforge!


That penny is worth a fortune too. :grin:


What was your resolution (LPI) on this?

That being known - I think it would be interesting to go with an even lower LPI to see if that helps clean it up more. You should get less overlap, which is less organic material burn.


It was all vector on proof grade at default settings, so didn’t select anything. Just wanted to see what it would do…




If plain Standart settings, I suspect with some tuning you can get it even smaller :slight_smile:


Wow! Reminds me of those guys a while back engraving things on grains of rice. I expect some hidden object national treasure illuminati art to come out of this real soon. :grin:


Since scale miniatures are my calling, THIS gets me really excited! Can’t wait til my :glowforge: arrives!


I guess I’m confused then. Can’t wait to get my own and truly understand the process.

I figured with proofgrade you’d still be selecting a resolution setting. Aren’t fills (engraves), even if actually vector, basically treated as rasters?


If you drop in a sheet of proofgrade and it detects. The default LPI is 340. If you choose ‘manual’ it pre -populates the power and feedrate from the auto settings but gives you the option of resolution and passes.


Excellent - thank you! What do you think about dropping the LPI on this and it coming out even cleaner?


Dropping would reduce the resolution.

340 LPI = 680 DPI

DPI = LPI * 2


I guess I need to wrap my head around how small the beam/spot size really is!


Wow! That is really awesome. Glowforge us gonna be so great when it gets to my shop.


I will give it a max-res try (i.e. go manual) after tuesday night (the GF is banished as we have 34 people over for passover dinner and my wife declared that it was not going to be in the family room for that…). Luckily it is now on a rolling cart instead of the 2 stools, so easy to roll down the hall and back.


I thing 34 people sitting around the glow of the forge as part passover dinner would be perfect.


I know, seriously! “And moses parted the red sea by lasing an acrylic parametric box, and the israelites walked across on the inside…


Please explain to us Canadians what this “penny” is that you speak of. You made a currency after a big bang character?