And the Cleanup Continues - Pen Pods



You know how you can never find a pen or an Exacto, because it’s always buried under papers on your desk, along with about thirty good buddies, having a party?

I finally decided to do something about it, and created a weird looking little thing to keep them corralled and easily accessible. I’m calling it a Pen Pod, for lack of a better term.

Tried one with a magazine page coating as well, just to vary things up:

They work!

Obelisk tool holder

great job Jules, I am going to have to steal the idea and make some, well at least when I get my ticket. .:grin:



Very cute, and they bear a faint resemblance to a hedgehog. Was that on purpose?


You need to put that in the store. Awesome design!


Chuckle, no…totally accidental. :slightly_smiling_face:


I LOVE these! So simple, yet elegant and very efficient! You have just some of the best ideas!




Brilliant design Jules! PLEASE put these in the catalogue, I will definitely buy one!


But my pens like to party under the papers on my desk…


Most definitely, depending on how they set it up. (wink!)

Mine too…I think of this as a little hot tub for the party. (grin!)


When I first typed the message on my phone, Android changed ‘pens’ to ‘penis’. Glad I caught it before clicking reply!


Me too! ROFL!


Your designs are always great this one Takes the Cake the minimalism is awesome.
Stand by for my version this is going to be worse than the other one up manship of earlier threads!


I like the idea of everyone submitting an idea! (Like the Escutcheons…more choices for the GF catalog…let’s bring it!)

Pen Pod Design Off!


“Oooooooh!!! That’s beauitful… And amazing.” –My reaction the instant the first picture loaded.


Brilliant…I so need a few of those😆


Great idea @jules…keep going…Go Baby Go ! or should that be Glow Baby Glow ?


Your work space is too tidy you’re making me look bad.


Me too! In addition to pens, I bet they’d work nicely for small tools (like leather working stamps or wire working tools)