So… For the schedule update… The banner at the top of the page says Dec 1, everyone is talking on the Forum like it is tomorrow - anyone know for sure?


It’s my understanding that the announcement will come today.


I was under the impression that an update was coming Friday, which is tomorrow. But that does indeed present a discrepancy since the announcements header does say Dec 1… If one is not forthcoming today, I guess we shall get one tomorrow


Yikes! @dan - can you calrify?


Jeez whether it’s today or tomorrow, I don’t think it needs that much clarification.


Announcement coming tomorrow from what I read in the previous announcements posts


He’s shooting to have it ready by today.
(He was working on it last night, from a comment in another thread.)

Whether he decides to release it later today or wait until tomorrow morning is going to be up to him, but he’s not going to see individual requests for clarification while he’s working on it.

(Just so you don’t wait around all day expecting to hear from him right now…he might not see it.):relaxed:


Hes been reading the forums and responding. You never know


well, plus he is in PST, so it’s only about 10:45am there as I type. Unfortunately that makes the day drag for those of us East of there in diff time zones


Good point…never thought about the time zone thing…


I am very aware of the time zone thing… my sister sent me a text this morning at 6am Boston time. I am in california. I really need to remember to use the do-not-disturb functions.


I don’t understand why everybody isn’t on Boston time. :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I blame Tom Brady


You’re right about the Dec 1 note, but I recall a message last week about “The staff asked for an additional day, so it’ll be Friday.”

But I dunno. My memory isn’t what it used to be. Well, I remember it differently, at least. :wink:


As an east coaster I think our thinking is, the other zones don’t really count. Everything happens here first. :wink:


Crap. I was a catcher on the Baseball team in High School. Been crouched in that position staring at my computer screen waiting for word for over an hour. Much older now. Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up.


He initially said end of month, but they pushed for an extra day which is the 1st of dec. -> today


Well it’s the 2nd of December here, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t just adopt Australian Eastern Standard Time? Everything would get done so much earlier! :wink:


Ah, yes. Well, then I guess it’ll be today, eh?! With my luck @dan’ll make the announcement long after I’m asleep tonight. I see many of his posts when I wake up in the morning say things like “5h” which is about 1AM real ti… uhh… Eastern time.


Hahaha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who calls it real time! :laughing: